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Victims of online fraud and illegitimate businesses can recover their lost funds through our consumer advocates.

Scam Reports
saves the day

Scam-Reports, L.L.C. represents injured consumers and investors. It brings both individual and class actions on behalf of people injured by illegal conduct of mortgage companies, credit bureaus (consumer reporting agencies), collection agencies and lawyers, banks, finance companies and other lenders, credit card issuers, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers and dealers, and other businesses.

Scam-Rpeorts will also handle the interactions with financial institutions on the behalf of all clients..

Once Scam Reports investigates the fraudulent companies, they guide clients through fraud prevention steps by utilizing their Unlimited Fraud Protection plan. With this plan, clients will receive regular communications of the latest trends in telephonic fraud, names of companies to avoid, and free evaluations of companies that clients may be considering for business purposes.

Scam Reports has one goal
to protect America's workers, consumers and investors.

Our mission is to help people who have been hurt to fight back. We help people from all backgrounds and tackle harmful conduct, including consumer fraud, misrepresentations to investors, failure to pay overtime compensation, failure to protect employees' 401(k) savings, annoying robocalls, unsolicited marketing text messages and bad behavior by banks.

The Scam Reports Team uses the tools of investigation and enforcement actions to protect consumers from fraud, deception, and other unfair business practices.

We protect consumers from a variety of scams, such as individuals making false promises to repair consumers’ credit, travel companies who sold worthless travel club memberships, or timeshare developers who failed to provide consumers with timeshares or made false promises that they would obtain timeshare deeds for consumers, online business websites.

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